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November 9, 2011

Disorder #1: Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

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I really don’t know how I’m surviving seminary.  Having graduated with an Accounting degree in undergrad, this liberal curriculum is killing me.  Reading was never my thing.  In high school and most of college, I survived off of skimming (hardcore), SparkNotes, or just plain ol’ wingin’ it.  Even now when I read, I have to read things twice or three times over.  I’ll be reading the words along the lines, but be thinking about something totally different.  The following is what goes on in my head while reading something for class:

“What follows is a dogmatic sketch of a topic much neglected in contemporary theology…” …I really need to start working out.  I should sign up for that gym membership soon before the discount expires… “…very fully discussed in modern theology and hermeneutics…” …I need to get an oil change, I’m already 600 miles over my limit from the last change.  I should get a car wash too while I’m at it this time… “…and to insist on determining the nature of Scripture in usu et actione…” …What the… am I reading in English anymore?  Crap, I didn’t retain anything that I just read…  By this point, I’m turning back the page and starting all over again.

Another part of my ADD manifests itself in being easily distracted and very skilled in procrastinating.  In college, I once wrote a 25-page case study for one of my accounting classes a day and half before it was due (that was somewhat to brag, but mostly to admit how stupid I was).  Sometimes I can’t fall asleep without watching an episode of a sitcom  before going to bed.  Many of my study breaks get prolonged from the intended 15 minutes to an hour’s worth of going on a Youtube surf of K-pop music videos.

It’s gotten to the point where I want to get tested for ADD and actually be clinically diagnosed with it.  That way, I can label the reason to why I’m so easily distracted.  Furthermore, I would be able to look back on how far I’ve come since high school and say, “Look!  I accomplished all of that even with this disorder!”  But that’s an entirely different issue in itself.

Gospel Connection: There are dozens of things vying for our attention everyday: school, work, relationships, e-mails, Facebook, texts, video games, online celebrity gossip, sports news, writing blogs… these are just to name a few.  While none of these things are inherently bad things, they become idols when we make them the defining things of our lives.  Advances in modern technology have shortened the attention span of the average human being exponentially in the past few decades.  Trends fluctuate, fads come and go, and fashions mutate to redefine “hot.”  But God remains constant.  The Holy Spirit is always beckoning us to be in fellowship with Him.  The finished work of the Cross redeems the union that was once torn by sin.  Christ deserves our gaze, will you give it to him?