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September 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bro.

As someone going into ministry, I consider a lot of people “dear brothers in Christ”:  many of my peers, nearly all my mentors, and the tens of students I encounter on a week-in and week-out basis.  However, I only have one blood-brother and today is his 25th birthday.  This post is dedicated to him.

Above is a picture of us during our childhood.  As you can probably tell, I am the one on the left.  Fittingly so, my brother posted this picture up on his Facebook with a caption that read, “I still bother him to this day.”

My brother and I are the only two children in our household, so growing up we were practically joined at the hip.  As the picture may connote of our relationship, he did bother me very much as a kid.  We fought a good amount.  However, we also got along better than most other siblings.  Some memorable moments of our childhood (in no particular order):

  1. During my first encounter at a swimming pool, I decided to play “big boy” and jump into 5 feet deep water.  Mind you, I was only used to playing in the urine-infested kiddie pool, had absolutely no idea how to swim and was probably only about 2 feet tall.  The only thing I remember is seeing blue, aspirating bubbles, feeling utter panic, then being rescued shortly after.  My brother had seen my act of courageous stupidity from the other side of the pool and ran over as fast as he could.  Ironically, I would become a lifeguard some 15 years later.
  2. In Korea, I used to get bullied a lot (I think?).  Maybe it was because I was way too cute for the other children or because I had a head three times the size proportionate to my body.  One day at the playground, kids decided to take fuzzy/spiky pine cone things and throw them at me.  In my wailing cry for help, my brother rushed over and threw his body over me until they stopped (I don’t actually remember this story, but my brother insists that it happened, so I’ll take his word for it… being it’s his birthday and all).
  3. My brother was invited to a birthday party when he was about 6 or 7 years old.  Being a spoiled 4 or 5 year old, I begged and cried to my mom to let me tag along.  She helplessly relented.  The party venue was this cool ceramic shop where they let kids paint sculptures of their favorite cartoon characters.  My brother picked out this awesome mini-statue of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Michelangelo.  Likewise, I picked a face-mask piece of Leonardo, which I still have it to this day.  A couple days after the party, I broke Michelangelo while playing with him.

There are countless stories I could tell you about our childhood.  But they all follow a basic pattern: whatever he did, I followed.  We dressed the same.  I played flute in elementary school because he did (I mean… what kind of 4th grade boy would voluntarily play flute??).  I looked forward to the times during the school day when his friends would call me “Lil’ Cho.”  I played volleyball in high school ’cause of him.  You name it, I followed.

Although we’ve grown apart a little, and now people actually think I am the older brother (kekeke), we still remain close.  We’ve had our arguments and blow-outs in the past, but he’s always remained loyal and was there to my rescue.  I’ve also witnessed him serving in an integral part for our English Ministry and Youth Group back home over the past year, and it’s been one of the exclusive reasons to why I fell in love with our home church again.  I look forward to the days where we can serve together in the name of Jesus.

Friends come and go, but blood will always run through your veins.

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